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Upward Basketball & Cheerleading 2017 - 2018

Upward Basketball is for Boys and Girls in 1st through 6th Grade. 

Upward Cheerleading  is for Girls in K through 6th Grade.

Billings Upward Statistics

             2016-2017 Upward Participants:  Basketball - 619 Players, 64 Teams and 111 Coaches.              Cheerleading - 47 Cheerleaders, 6 Teams and 7 Cheer Coaches.

Host and Sponsors

            Billings Upward Basketball and Cheerleading is Billings' original Upward Sports League                  hosted by Freedom Church of Billings since 2000.      . 

The Teams are sponsored by these Local Businesses

Thank You Sponsors!

Please click on the business logo to check out their website!

Kings Ace Hardware
1551 Zimmerman Trail  -  Call  406-656-1446
Billings MT 59102
Sponsoring Lady Leopards (1st-2nd Grade Girls)
Coach: Kara Allen

King Ave.  -  Call  406-651-8778
Billings MT 59102
Sponsoring Clippers (3rd-4th Grade Boys)
Coaches: Dan Gray and Jeff Martin

Floor Trader
710 Carbon Rd.  -  Call 406-652-9400
Billings MT 59102
Sponsoring Bears (3rd-4th Grade Boys)
Coaches: Jay Edwards and Ben Jagodzinski

Stone Mountain Leather Furniture
 710 Carbon Rd. Call 406-652-9400
Billings MT 59102
Sponsoring Lady Monarchs (5th-6thth Grade Girls)
Coaches: Henry William and Breanne Casteel

Fuller Periodontics & Implants Dentistry
3860 Avenue B  -  Call 406-651-4867
Billings MT 59102
Sponsoring Junior Falcons (1st-2nd Grade Boys)
Coach: Junior Falcons

Prill Dental
820 N. 30th St.  - Call 406-252-1533
Billings MT 59101
Sponsoring Junior Lightning (1st-2nd Grade Boys)
Coach: Jared Harris and Chris Prill

Century 21 Hometown Brokers, Inc. Tony Gafke
1605 Shiloh Rd.  -  Call 406-272-6511
Billings MT 59106
Sponsoring Lady Liberty (5th-6th Grade Girls)
Coaches: Kara Allen and Suzanne Strief


Haslam Family Dental
3307 Grand Ave. #105  -  Call  406-652-7313
Billings MT 59102
Sponsoring Hurricanes (3rd-4th Grade Boys)
Coaches: Ryan Gomendi and Jeremy Vanatta

JDH Financial Services
710 Grand Ave. #1  -  Call 406-252-5955
Billings MT 59101
Sponsoring Defenders (3rd-4th Grade Boys)
Coach: Donovan Mosser and Travis Salter

Billings By Owner
 1302 N.24th St. W #252  -  Call 406-671-4845
 Billings MT 59102 
Sponsoring Lady Bears (3rd-4th Grade Girls)
 Coaches: Kamber Kelly-Brodrock and Charlie Loveridge








Brewer Dental Center
2900 Central Ave.  - Call 406-656-6100
Billings MT 59102
Sponsoring Celtics (5th-6th Grade Boys)
Coaches: Matthew Cole and Nathan Oakley

Current, Inc.
3875 Jene Helen Ave.  -  Call 406-252-8932
Billings MT 59101
Sponsoring Yellow Jackets (3rd-4th Grade Boys)
Coach: Margaret Stiles

Pediatric Therapy Clinic, Inc.
1610 Poly Dr.  -  Call 406-259-1680
Billings MT 59102
Sponsoring Kings (3rd-4th Grade Boys)
Coaches: Eric Lien and Mike Walker

Montana Tire Distributor, Inc.
421 N.13th St.   -  Call 406-259-9877
Billings MT 59103
Sponsoring Junior Eagles (1st-2nd Grade Boys)
Coaches: Nathan Martin and Misti Fix

Jimmy John's
3104 N.Audibun  -  Call 406-652-4424
Billings MT 59106
Sponsoring Bucks (5th-6th Grade Boys)
Coach: Rachelle Provost

Yellowstone Bank
1511 Shiloh Rd.  -  Call 406-294-9400
Billings MT 59106
Sponsoring Junior Knights (1st-2nd Grade Boys)
Coaches: Jeremy Weinmeister

Fuller Family Medicine
4045 Avenue B  -  Call 406-651-9355
Billings MT 59106
Sponsoring Lady Cavaliers (5th-6th Grade Girls)
Coaches: Brad Fuller and Dustin Todd

Also Sponsoring Lady Bobcats (3rd-4th Grade Girls)
Coaches: Paul Kurnow and Darin Johnson

Stockman Bank
P.O Box 250  -  Call 406-234-8420
Miles City, MT 59301
Sponsoring Lady Ducks (3rd-4th Grade Girls)
Coach: Nick Ban

M.R. Concrete
535 Tumbleweed Dr.  -  Call  406-896-1488
Billings MT 59105
Sponsoring MR Concrete (5th-6th Grade Boys)
Coaches: Rolf Meintjes and Aaron Sironi

CJ'S Restaurant
2455 Central Ave. Ste.2  -  Call 406-656-1400
Billings MT 59102
Sponsoring Lady Super Sonics (5th-6th Grade Girls)
Coach: Gerry Fagan

KC Roofing & Construction, Inc.
2702 Terry Ave.  -  Call  406-690-8391
Billings MT 59102
Sponsoring Cardinals (3rd-4th Grade Boys)
Coaches: Quentin Allen and Dennen Gamradt




Become An Upward Sponsor For Your Childs Team!

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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

                Community Life Sports would like to thank our sponsors for supporting our 2016-2017                 Upward Basketball & Cheerleading Program.

Sponsors, you make Upward a success and we appreciate all that you do.

Thank you again and may God bless you in the New Year!





Contact: Sports Director at 652-3918 or E-Mail sports@billingsfreedomchurch.com

Visit The Sports Director in the Community Life Sports Office in Freedom Church at 550 32nd Street West, Office hours are Monday through Thursday between the hours of  8:00 AM until Noon and 1:00 PM until 5:00 PM.


Click here for the National Upward Sports Program Website